Leadership Kanawha Valley – Strengths & Social Styles

The January session of LKV was pretty eye-opening!  Doug Walters and Tony Marchese of Transformation Specialists led us through an analysis of our strengths and social styles.  In many ways, my results were not surprising, and I can see how different aspects of my personality have led me to where I am now, an entrepreneur and small business owner.

The strength aspects are based on a book by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie titled Strengths Based Leadership.  Top on my list of strengths: Ideation and Futuristic, both in the Strategic Thinking category.  “It’s very likely that you may be the person to whom group members turn to for original thoughts. Perhaps ideas pop into your consciousness as soon as someone describes a problem or an opportunity.”  Yes, that is true.  “It’s very likely that you have a capacity for envisioning what the coming months, years, or decades could, should, or will be like.  Frequently you are prompted to transform your ideas in to things you can touch, taste, see smell or hear.”  Yes, that’s my job!

Also included in my strengths – Adaptability (just like what it sounds), Connectedness (seeing a connection between many things; both of these are in the Relationship Building category), and Maximizer (maximizing not only my talents, but others’ talents, too, and part of the Influencing category).

Social styles were determined by five friends and colleagues, who I asked to answer a questionnaire about me.  The outcome of this task shows that I am Driver-Analytical.  At first, this surprised me a little bit, but on further reflection, I think it’s right on.  This method of determining social style is similar to the Myers-Briggs (I never remember where I fall within that system).  LKV is bringing Doug and Tony back in May for further analysis, so stay tuned!